Aniq Tasia

Throwback : Cafe in my neighborhood @ Yoyogi Uehara.

In the photoset of screenshots from your Pokemon X game, where did you go to take the 3rd photo ?

A question by uninterestinghues

From Dendemille Town you could go to Frost Cavern, you’ll a find a photo spot near the entrance of the cave. Call Phil the Photo Guy and tilt your 3DS so the camera will show the sky (by the way to get the picture you should do it at night). Hope this will help :) 

some of the pretty shots from my Pokemon X.

Throwback. From Singapore trip 2012.

What captivating me lately.

Working under the bright sky

"I’m not perfect
But i could make your night perfect”
Pen on Paper
by Aniq Tasia

"One night stand merely for having fun won’t do, i want to have it memorable enough. To tell other that i have more than a wild youth."