Aniq Tasia

Throwback. From Singapore trip 2012.

What captivating me lately.

Working under the bright sky

"I’m not perfect
But i could make your night perfect”
Pen on Paper
by Aniq Tasia

"One night stand merely for having fun won’t do, i want to have it memorable enough. To tell other that i have more than a wild youth."

been listening to this song so many times now and i can’t stop my self singing the catchy lyric. 

you are like a shining sun upon 

the sky

like a feeling of a little smile

hard to be unseen every day to all

but get attention

everywhere you are

you’re on the planet spinning 

out of control

but never falling down

on way you go …

The full album also very fun to listen, oh i’m weak to mixture of rock music with synth.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own this song in any way. No copyright intended. All credit goes to the artists - respective owners.

My momma sitting comfortably on her bed while reading this morning paper.

Gintama Throwback - 11th Ending 「I愛、会い」by ghostnote

"The true love I’ve been taught about

Is being hushed up by this miserable era

While I’m saying those things, I got poked by the adults

The more I know, the more I lose things

But who wishes to be anonymous?”

Love is pretty much fucked up right now with all those melancholy music and shitty quotes that keep on appearing on Path. This is song tell us about how love supposed to be. Catchy with strong messages. like it!